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Lecture: Artificial Intelligence

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3.1 Background » Narrow AI & General AI


Narrow AI views "intelligence" as the ability of a machine to solve a very discrete task. In a narrow AI, there is no expectations that the AI can solve similar-but-different tasks. Narrow AI, sometimes called applied AI, is successful. It represents the type of "intelligence" behind much of the AI in daily life, such as recommendation algorithms, chess-playing programs, and GPS navigation.


The more ambitious general AI - or Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) - views the machine "intelligence" as similar to human intelligence, in that there is a generalizable computational/cognitive process that enables the solution of new, unfamiliar tasks by way of analogy and extrapoloation from acquired knowledge or experiences. General AI research is more intimately connected with the function of the human brain - and some researchers have argued that a general AI might posses consciousness.