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Lecture: Pandemics

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4.2 Universal Influenza Vaccine » Questions

  • What are the benefits of a Universal Influenza Vaccine?
  • What makes it difficult to produce an effective annual influenza vaccine? What limits the amount of annual vaccine that can be produced and stored?
  • Influenza vaccination rates in the US are about 45% for adults (18+ years) and 60% for children (6 mo - 17 years). What might explain the different vaccination rates? 
  • Should a Universal Influenza Vaccine be available at no cost to anyone who wants it?
  • Should people be encouraged to get a Universal Influenza Vaccine, when it exists and is shown to be effective and safe? What would incentivize someone to get vaccinated? What concerns might they have?
  • Who should pay for the research and testing that is required to develop a Universal Influenza Vaccine? What is the incentive for pharmaceutical companies to develop a Universal Influenza Vaccine?
  • A high vaccination rate can protect individuals who choose not to be vaccinated through herd immunity. Is that fair?