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Lecture: Pandemics

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4.2 Universal Influenza Vaccine » Readings

Over the past decade, the efficacy of the annual seasonal influenza vaccine has ranged from 19 to 60% due the narrow antigenic specificity of current vaccines. Yet influenza continues to take a substantial toll each year, both economically and in hospitalizations and deaths, and thus there is substantial interest in a broadly reactive, or "universal", influenza vaccine that would have a ≥ 75% efficacy.

Here is perspective on the economic and public health implications of a universal influenza vaccine from Dr. Meyers and colleagues:

1. Sah, P., Alfaro-Murillo, J. A., Fitzpatrick, M. C., Neuzil, K. M., Meyers, L. A., Singer, B. H., & Galvani, A. P. (2019). Future epidemiological and economic impacts of universal influenza vaccines. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 116(41), 20786-20792. Available from PNAS (