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Foundations & Applications of Humanities Analytics (Spring 2023)

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This course is no longer in session.

1.2 What you will learn in this course » Overview & learning outcomes

This course will guide you through an exploration of Humanities Analytics, a quantitative lens through which to consider human culture and experience.

After completing this course, you will be equipped to:

...recognize how the qualitative and quantitative aspects of Humanities Analytics must synergize to produce important insight,

...formulate a question that is suited to a Humanities Analytics approach and define the type of answer or explanation that approach will provide, 

...understand and apply the quantitative principles behind common Humanities Analytics tools,

...discuss Humanities Analytics collaborations with computationally-skilled colleagues using a shared vocabulary,

...evaluate if and how your current or future scholarship might expand in a Humanities Analytics direction.

After completing this course, you will not be equipped to:

...write computer code (unless that's something you already can do). We will offer some resources by which to get started with Python and common natural language processing tools in the final Wrap-up unit.

A note on terminology: In this course, "Humanities Analytics", or sometimes "Cultural Analytics", is used to denote the use of computational approaches to interrogate cultural artifacts at scale and in partnership with the traditional tools and methodologies of the humanities.

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