Complexity Explorer Santa Few Institute

Foundations & Applications of Humanities Analytics (Spring 2023)

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This course is no longer in session.

17.1 Wrap-Up » Summary

What you learned in this course

  • How "excellence" is judged in the humanities and sciences, as a question of aesthetics but also computation
  • What makes a good research question in Humanities Analytics
  • What a pattern is in both computation and traditional humanities scholarship – and what patterns do in our sense-making of the world
  • How to gather data and display the results of a "counting" Humanities Analytics analysis
  • Where measurement and probability come from, philosophically and historically – and how they inform the new epistemology that is Humanities Analytics
  • What a Humanities Analytics project "looks like" and a walk-through of how one might approach such a project
  • How different scholars are using Humanities Analytics approaches in their varied research programs