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Introduction to Open Science

Lead instructor:

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4.1 Unit 4 Video » Open Methodology: Methods, Materials, and Code

Learning goals:

This unit addresses Open Methodology, and in particular how to make sure that Methods, Materials and Code are all open and how it contributes to making studies reproducible and transparent. By the end of this unit, learners should be able to:

1. Know what to include in the methods section of their papers (and what to do if you can’t fit everything in),

2. Know how to use the 21 words solution

3. Know what is a transparency checklist and how to use it

4. Know how you can share some of your materials outside of the manuscript and how to do so (platforms, doi)

5. List some of the elements that makes a workflow reproducible

6. Define version control and why it’s important / useful

7. Name a few principles for good or optimal scientific computing

8. Name platforms that can be used for code sharing