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Introduction to Open Science

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6.1 Unit 6 Video » Publication Practices

This sixth unit focuses on all the open science practices related to sharing the outcomes of scientific research with both the scientific community and larger general audience. In doing so, it covers a number of practices related to publishing; mostly preprints, peer review, and open access.

Unit 6.1 - Preprints Learning outcomes:

1. Define what a preprint is, and know the vocabulary associated with different versions of a paper

2. Know the historical context in which preprints came about

3. Name a few preprint repositories

4. Know which principles can be used to pick a repository (i.e., by discipline versus generalist)

Unit 6.2 - Peer Review Learning outcomes:

1. Define what is open peer review, and its different aspects:

a. Open Identities,

b. Open Reports,

c. Open Participation

2. Know what the different ways are to use peer review as a mean to further Open Science, and be able to name a few initiatives they can join

Unit 6.3 - Open Access Learning outcomes:

1. Know some of the economic structures behind scientific publishing (i.e., subscription/readers paying to access articles versus authors paying fees to make their paper open access)

2. Know the different types of Open Access (Diamond, Gold, Green, Black)

3. Be aware of some of the political initiatives that have been taken to increase Open Access (Budapest Open Access Initiative, Plan S)

4. Know which tools can be used to select an open access or pro-open science journal (How Open Is It, TOP Guidelines)